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Local Media Articles on India 2016

(01.04.2016 to 30.04.2016)

Sl.No.DescriptionDateMedia Outlet
1.India Related News From Maldivian English News websites
a.President leaves for state visit to India10.04.2016Sun Online News
b.Indian External Affairs Minister meets with Maldivian President11.04.2016Sun Online News
c.President: Will ask for India’s assistance if CMAG takes unfair action against Maldives11.04.2016Sun Online News
d.Modi: Will remain steadfast in protecting Maldives11.04.2016Sun Online News
e.Agreements, MOUs signed between Maldives-India11.04.2016Sun Online News
f.Dhunya: No discussion held with Modi over any prisoner12.04.2016Sun Online News
g.President returns after his visit to India13.04.2016Sun Online News
h.Maldives-India Youth Exchange Program starts Friday21.04.2016Sun Online News
i.President Yameen to make official visit to India12.04.2016Maldives Independent News
j.Maldives seeks Indian protection from 'unfair punitive action by CMAG'11.04.2016Maldives Independent News
k.Maldives, India sign defence action plan12.04.2016Maldives Independent News
l.India did not raise issue of political prisoners, says foreign minister12.04.2016Maldives Independent News
m.PPM accuses Indian newspaper of defaming Gayoom24.04.2016Maldives Independent News
n.Yameen receives governance award from Indian NGO27.04.2016Maldives Independent News
o.President Yameen will meet with Modi in his visit to India7.04.2016V News
p.President Yameen departs to India10.04.2016V News
q.Pres. Yameen meets Indian PM11.04.2016V News
r. Pres. meets Indian external affairs minister11.04.2016V News
s.India-Maldives sign six agreements and MOUs11.04.2016V News
t. Leela Group to develop resort in Maldives12.04.2016V News
u. President concludes trip to India and returns to Malé12.04.2016V News
v.Dr. Kalam Award conferred to President Yameen27.04.2016V News
w.We have put the economic agenda on the front line of our ideals: President Yameen27.04.2016V News
x.Maldives' President says "Maldives pursues an India first foreign policy"11.04.2016Raajje News
y.India and Maldives share a mutual policy on democratic consolidation: Foreign Minister12.04.2016Raajje News
z.Indian media reports 100 hour Indo-US op to stop 12 Maldivians joining IS22.04.2016Raajje News
 India Related News From Maldivian Dhivehi News websites (Translations are enclosed)
a.India ready to join i-heaven: Modi12.04.2016Sun Online News
b.Air transport between Maldives and India to become cheaper: Minister Shainee12.04.2016Sun Online News
c.Indian Naval Ship arrives in Maldives27.04.2016Sun Online News
d.Second Helicopter gifted by India has arrived27.04.2016Sun Online News
e.President’s third trip to India, what’s the secret behind this?11.04.2016Sun Online News
f. Newly appointed Indian Defence Advisor meets Minister of Defence19.04.2016Vaguthu Online
g.Broadcasting Commission members meet Indian High Commissioner19.04.2016Vaguthu Online

(01.03.2016 to 31.03.2016)

Sl.No.DescriptionDateMedia Outlet
1.India Related News From Maldivian Sources
a.Indian Prime Minister to visit Maldives very soon08.03.2016Sun Online News
b.Indian Army Commodore Jathindar Singh visits Defense Minister08.03.2016Miadhu News
c.MNDF, India Army concludes Defense Staff Talks09.03.2016Miadhu News
d.India is the biggest development partner: President Maumoon10.03.2016Miadhu News
e.Foreign Secretary to visit India13.03.2016Miadhu News
f.Yameen thanks India, Pakistan’s defence of Maldives at Commonwealth02.03.2016Maldives Independent
 India Related News From Indian Sources
a.Foreign patients turn to India in search of cut-price cures -05.03.2016 /AFP

(01.02.2016 to 29.02.2016)

Sl.No.DescriptionDateMedia Outlet
1.India Related News From Maldivian Sources
a.Maldives' healthcare ahead in Asia, says India02.02.2016Haveeru online News
b.India to hold health expo, medical camp in Maldives02.02.2016Haveeru Online News
c.Maldives women participate in world’s largest craft fair03.02.2016Haveeru Online News
d.Major Indian navy fleet due in Maldives10.02.2016Haveeru online News
e.India kicks off first ever health expo in Maldives13.02.2016Haveeru Online News
f.India begins largest ever medical camp in Maldives14.02.2016Haveeru Online News
g.India's largest naval ship in Maldives15.02.2016Haveeru Online News
h.India’s largest naval ship – a city in the sea18.02.2016Haveeru Online News
i.India-Maldives to scrap double taxation on airlines25.02.2016Haveeru Online News
j.Indian hotel giants to invest in Maldives27.02.2016Haveeru Online News
k.Maldives, India look to expand air connectivity with Delhi, Mumbai flights27.02.2016Haveeru Online News
l.Health Expo to start in Feb with doctors from 18 Indian hospitals03.02.2016Sun Online News
m.Indian navy aircraft carrier to arrive in Maldives10.02.2016Sun Online News
n.Indian Navy aircraft carrier arrives in Maldives15.02.2016Sun Online News
o.Public access given onboard India’s largest aircraft carrier16.02.2016Sun Online News
p.HCI opens doors for design proposals for India-Maldives Diplomatic Complex20.02.2016Sun Online News
q.Indian HC Mishra meets Home Minister Umar02.02.2016Miadhu News
r.Health Expo to be held in “Health and Wellness Week”03.02.2016Miadhu News
s.Special medical camp in IGMH for “Health and Wellness Week”03.02.2016Miadhu News
t.Medical camp registrations begin04.02.2016Miadhu News
u.Indian Foreign Secretary part of CMAG group07.02.2016Miadhu News
v.Both India and Maldives wants to secure regional peace: Ravneet Singh16.02.2016Miadhu News
w.Over 4000 visits Vikramaditya18.02.2016Miadhu News
x.India Health Expo 2016 highly successful19.02.2016Miadhu News
y.Indian health expo in Malé to feature leading hospitals04.02.2016Maldives Independent News
z.Chief of Defense Force meets Indian Navy Chief07.02.2016Sun Online
aa.India Health Expo 2016 begins13.02.2016Sun Online
 India Related News From Indian Sources
a.India's economy grows 7.3 percent in third quarter –AFP  News/ 09.02.2016

(01.01.2016 to 31.01.2016)

Sl.No.DescriptionDateMedia Outlet
1.India Related News From Maldivian Sources
a.Maldives to sign tax info exchange pact with India03.01.2016Haveeru online News
b.India’s NU Hospitals to provide Aasandha health insurance05.01.2016Haveeru Online News
c.India approves health pact with Maldives14.01.2016Haveeru online News
d.India reassures Maldives of backing as new rep takes office14.01.2016Haveeru Online News
e.Indian PM to visit Maldives after U-turn on Nasheed: report17.01.2016Haveeru Online News
f.India to donate military aircraft, helicopter to Maldives20.01.2016Haveeru Online News
g.New Indian High Commissioner arrives in Maldives06.01.2016Sun Online News
h.Pact with Maldives in 2014 gets Indian Cabinet approval14.01.2016Sun Online News
i.India to gift Maldives helicopter, aircraft21.01.2016Sun Online News
j.India praises progress made by Maldives27.01.2016Sun Online News
k.Indian High Commissioner: Priority will be given to strengthening cultural ties30.01.2016Sun Online News
l.New Indian High Commissioner takes up post13.01.2016Maldives Independent News
m.India to donate military aircraft, new helicopter to Maldives20.01.2016Maldives Independent News
n.New High Commissioner arrives in Male’07.01.2016Miadhu News
o.Pravasi Bharatiya Divas: Overseas Indian Day Celebrated in Maldives10.01.2016Miadhu News
p.Maldives ready to welcome PM Modi: FM20.01.2016Miadhu News
q.India pledges support for Maldivian army21.01.2016Miadhu News
r.Modi is capable of addressing India’s issues: MP Bijoy27.01.2016Miadhu News
s.India has always extended assistance when needed: Defense Minister27.01.2016Miadhu News
 India Related News From Indian Sources
a.India's Afghan consulate attacked after deadly air base siege
b.French president heads to India for Republic Day visit


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