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Trends in Bilateral Trade

A. India-Maldives Trade Figures (In million US$)

Direction of TradeJan-Mar 2016% of Global TradeJan-Mar 2015% Change
Indian Exports to Maldives64.2813.3051.0425.91
Indian Imports from Maldives0.350.610.82-57.31
Total Bilateral Trade64.6311.9651.8624.62

B. Last Five Years (in million US$)

PeriodIndian Exports% growthIndian ImportsTotal
2016 (Jan-Mar)64.2825.910.3564.63

C. Top 10 items of Indian Export to Maldives: Jan-Mar 2016

S/NDescriptionValue (in million US$)
1.Cement and Aggregates9.01
2.Construction Related Items, Nes8.83
3.Price Administered Staples7.10
4.Vegetables, Rootcrops, and Spices4.09
5.Meat, Fish and Seafood3.81
6.Base Metal and Articles of Base Metal3.45
7.Machinery and Mechanical Appliances3.26
9.Fruits, Nuts and Seeds2.40
10.Diary and Eggs1.95

D. Top Items of Import from Maldives: Jan-Mar 2016

S/NDescriptionValue (in million US$)
1.Copper Waste and Scrap0.16
2.Waste & Scrap of Alloy Steel (Except Stainless Steel)0.15
3.Aluminium Waste & Scrap0.04
4.Waste Oil & Nes0.02
5.Waste, Parings & Scraps of other Plastic, Nes0.01
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