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High Commission  

Mission's Officers

Name & DesignationTelephone NumbersEmail address
H.E. Mr. Ravi Shankar,
High Commissioner
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singhal,
Second Secretary (Pol, Com & HOC)

Handles all Political, Commercial,
Administrative and Establishment matters.
Mr. Bharat Bhushan,
Second Secretary,

Principal Private Secretary to High
Commissioner and In charge of High
Commissioner’s Office
Mr. Edward Lakra
Second Secretary(Education)

Handles all matters related to Education,
ICCR, ITEC & IAFS Scholarships and
Training Programmes.
Mr. Durga Dass
Second Secretary (MIC)

Handles all matters related to Media,
Information and Culture including
ICCR Cultural Troupes.
Mr. Amal Chowdhury
Attaché(Admn, Acct & Cons),

In charge of Administration, Accounts,
Consular and Visa matters.
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