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High Commission  

Mission's Officers

Name & DesignationTelephone NumbersEmail address
H.E. Mr. Ravi Shankar,
High Commissioner
Mr. Sanjeev Goel,
Second Secretary (Pol, Com & HOC)
Handles all Political, Commercial,
Administrative and Establishment matters.
+256 41-4344631
+256 41-4342994
Mr. Bharat Bhushan,
Second Secretary,
Principal Private Secretary to High
Commissioner and In charge of High
Commissioner’s Office
+256 41-4344631
+256 41-4342994
Mr. Edward Lakra
Second Secretary(Education)
Handles all matters related to Education,
ICCR, ITEC & IAFS Scholarships and
Training Programmes.
+256 41-4344631
+256 41-4342994
Mr. Durga Dass
Second Secretary (MIC)
Handles all matters related to Media,
Information and Culture including
ICCR Cultural Troupes.
+256 41-4344631
+256 41-4342994
Mr. Amal Chowdhury
Attaché(Admn, Acct & Cons),
In charge of Administration, Accounts,
Consular and Visa matters.
+256 41-4344631
+256 41-4342994
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