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Important Alerts

Advisory July 2016

It has come to the attention of the High Commission of India that some unscrupulous agents/agencies in India have been providing offers to Indian nationals for employment in Cyprus.  Such agents/agencies have also been providing ‘entry permits’ reportedly issued by the Cyprus Migration Authorities.  The prospective Indian employee is also provided links to few fake web-sites reportedly hosted by the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification of the entry permit.  The links to the fake web-sites currently under operation for verification of entry permits are:

(i) External website that opens in a new window; and
(ii) External website that opens in a new window

It has been informed that there is no provision by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus for checking Cypriot entry permits through the internet or on-line by individuals who are in possession of such fake permits.

An earlier advisory regarding fake employment offers and fake entry permits is already available on the web-site of the High Commission of India ( External website that opens in a new window) under the Important Alerts section.

Indian nationals who receive offers of employment in Cyprus are again cautioned to beware of fake offers of employment in Cyprus. 

In case any Indian national has any doubt regarding the genuineness of an offer of employment in Cyprus/’Entry Permit’, he/she may contact the High Commission of Cyprus in New Delhi for verification. 

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