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Guidelines for travelers from India to Cyprus

According to the Cyprus Flight Pass website, a Special Entry Permit to the Republic of Cyprus shall be granted only in the following cases:

  • First degree relatives of persons who reside legally in the Republic and/or are economically active in the Republic (spouse, children, parents) for family reunion purposes
  • Persons whose arrival in the Republic is necessary for the purpose of implementing public projects or for honouring other important professional commitments
  • Domestic Workers or Workers that have already been granted an approval for any other work in the Republic by the competent Ministry or Department
  • Workers in Agriculture and Livestock field
  • Athletes/ Referees/ Supporting personnel, participating in professional sport activities and for Athletic Reasons
  • Changes of aircraft crews in the case where they are travelling as passengers for replacement purposes
  • Seafarers for the purpose of crew change or repatriation


Website for Special Entry Permit and Cyprus Flight Pass: External website that opens in a new window


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