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Press Release

Maldives Receives 3rd Consignment of India-Manufactured Covid Vaccine

Maldives received another 100,000 doses of the India-manufactured WHO-approved Covid-19 vaccine today to commence with the 2nd dose of vaccinations for the people of Maldives. Despite the export restrictions and domestic requirements of the vaccines, India has assisted in securing the supplies of these vaccines procured under a commercial arrangement between Government of Maldives and the Serum Institute of India.


To recall, on 20th January 2021, Maldives became the first country to receive, as gift, 100000 doses of India-manufactured vaccines within 96 hours of their country-wide rollout in India. This supported Government of Maldives to undertake one of the world’s fastest vaccination drives, under which nearly 50% of the people in Maldives have been administered the first dose of the vaccine.  During visit of EAM Dr. Jaishankar on 20 February 2021, an additional consignment of 100000 doses of the India-manufactured WHO-approved Covid-19 vaccines was gifted to the Government and the people of Maldives.


With today’s consignment, India has delivered on its commitment to facilitate supplies of the vaccines from India to the Maldives. We hope that with the arrival of vaccines, the administration of the 2nd dose can begin early.


While inaugurating the world’s largest vaccination drive in India on January 16, 2021, PM Modi had said “Today, when we’ve developed our own vaccine, the world is looking at India with hope. As our vaccination drive will move forward, other countries of the world will benefit from it. India’s vaccine and our production capability must be used for human interest; this is our commitment.

True to these words, in just over two months of Mission ‘Vaccine Maitri’, India has delivered 60 million doses of India-manufactured COVID vaccines to over 70 countries, both as gifts and under commercial arrangements.

India and Maldives share time-honoured relations fostered by cultural linkages and people-to-people ties. India’s Neighbourhood First policy and Maldives’ India First policy have worked in tandem to strengthen the partnership and bring value to our people. Under the leadership of PM Modi and President Solih, our traditional ties have acquired a new vision and vigour. The cooperation and solidarity displayed by Maldives and India in the face of the Covid challenge, from the support extended by India in the early stages of the pandemic to enabling the vaccination drive in Maldives, marks yet another milestone in our landmark partnership. 

(29 March, 2021)

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